Matthew's Memory


The Gist

I digitized 100+ hours of family home videos from Hi-8 camcorder tapes, cut them into day-long clips, injected metadata, and uploaded all 856 clips to Google Photos to filter by faces and easily share with my family.

My Role

Matthew, one of my younger brothers, passed away unexpectedly in September of 2016. Christmas that year was incredibly tough for us, but I didn't want everyone wallowing in grief and the uncertainty of why he left us so early. I wanted my family to remember him as he was growing up, and make a place where we could turn when we really missed him.

My mom had several of his photo albums scanned for his wake, but she had over 100 hours of home videos recorded on Hi-8 camcorder tapes that still hadn't been digitized. So I set up a system to digitize all 50 tapes one by one over the course of 2 weeks. I brought the footage home with me and began cutting the 2 hour videos into several smaller day-long clips. After exporting each clip I added the correct date and location metadata, and uploaded it to Google Photos where its face-detection algorithms could organize everything and I could easily share the entire album with my family. It took me nearly a whole year, but the following Christmas I gave my family the best Christmas present I've ever given.

Here's a few of our favorite memories we rediscovered, with more to come.

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